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Back at Bordeaux

Today we drove for at least 1hour at the latest. We chose a caravan park, right near where we take our van back tomorrow. We've been packing our clothes up and cleaning the van. Finally we got to have a swim after not having one for a couple of days.

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25 °C

Today we had a long drive to the camping ground. As soon as we got there and set up, we went straight to the pool. Today is one of the hottest days we've had here I recon.

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Today we dropped our car off at the Europecar, hopped on the plane to Paris then caught a bus to the train station. We had lunch there which took about 45mins and waited another 2-3 hours for the train to come. We got on the train to go to Bordeaux, that took another 3 hours, we reached Bordeaux at about 7 o'clock. I stayed in a hotel with my family at the hotel called Etap, after we sorted out our rooms we jumped on a tram to a stop, got off and had tea. For tea I had spaghetti bolanase, it was very nice.

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Back to London

sunny 20 °C

Today we are traveling back to London because we have to catch a plane to Paris tomorrow at 12pm lunchtime. So today where going all the the way from York to London. It takes about 5-6 hours to get back to London. So that means we have to sit in the car for nearly the whole day. We are travelling back to lou's apartment for night to sleep and wash our clothes for a 4 week travel around France.

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On Tuesday morning I woke up and had 2 bowls of rice crispies, they were nice. At about 8:30 Kevin walked Jessica to school while bec, Josh, Anna and Kate go ready to go to jessica's school about what we do in Australia.after they left at 9:30 Kevin, Lucy, Gary and I went for a morning walk along a path and back then the others arrived back from the school, we then packed our bags and left to York, where we stayed in a YHA. We also went for a walk around Sherwood forest where Robin Hood lived and was buried, at the forest we also saw the royal oak tree where each year on one day they would let people go in and the gates for people to go in and pick acorns off the tree. I thought that if that tree was in my backyard it would make a good treehouse. At York I bought a jumper that says on it York England, Josh bought an owl and dad bought a t-shirt.

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