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Bingham- Nottingham

Monday morning I woke up had breakfast and a clean shower. I got dressed, pack my gear up and hopped in the car for a trip to Nottingham. The whole trip ended up taking 2-3 hours long to get there, we did stop for toilet breaks and stuff so it took even longer. When we got to Nottingham our family relatives were outside waiting for us to arrive, we got our bags out of the boot and walked inside. Kevin was cooking sausages and hamburgers on the BBQ, they were really tasty and juicy there were so many I had about 3-4. That night I had to sleep downstairs on a blow up double bed while everyone else slept up stairs, I recon it was better downstairs because it was a lot quieter.

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St Briavels castle

Today it's my turn as navigator we drove down along the beach to St michaels castle, the we kept on driving to lands end. At lands end we watched a movie about the air sea rescue joint and what they do, we also had lunch there to I had a hotdog with tomato ketchup. We kept on traveling to Bristol where we crossed a bridge to go through the border to Wales. Soon we reached St briavels castle where we stayed the night. That night we went out for tea to a pub called The George, for tea I had nachos with a bowl of meat with three different types of beans and chilling, it was really nice. We then walked the block to the castle where we slept.

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The next morning we woke up and travelled on to penzance, where we travelled for around 6 hours. We were so bored. Mum was the navigator today but mum said that tomorrow was my turn.
When we got to penance we made our beds and look for a place where we could have tea.

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On friday the 1st of July it was my birthday, for breakfast I had these cookie things, scrambled eggs and bacon on toast. After breakfast Lou brought out my birthday cake for me it was just like my cake when it was my 2nd birthday but better. Soon we packed all our gear up, caught the train from lime house to London city airport. We picked up our car that we can use, to start traveling around the coastline. We Travelled to Swanage inside to the YHA walked up to our room and had a look inside. Then went out to the car to get some clothes to wear for the next day. Later on we had a walk down the street bec, Josh and I went to the playground while mum and dad walked down along the streets then came and picked us up. Then walked along the fishing pier, then walked a bit further to a cliff. Soon we had tea I had a maple crepe and a raspberry slushy.

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The London dungeons and The Wizard of OZ

This morning I woke up, had my breakfast. We jumped on a boat and hopped off at bankside and walked along the river to have a snack at a place called EAT. Then travelled on to the dungeons were we bought tickets got a photo taken of our family, what we did is we walked through the rooms to different things. Just as we started walking through not even the start we walked through a door way when this noise started screaming and an arm popped out of nowhere.
1. Crypt- Enter the dark, dank crypt of all gallows church, where the rotting corpses of the dead fester.
2. Labyrinth of lost souls- get lost for good in the terrifying twisted tunnels in in the haunted Labyrinth of murky mirrors.
3. Plague- Will you escape the vile embrace of the most pestilent pus ridden disease in history.
4. Great fire of London- witness the destruction as the great fire rips through the streets of London.
5. Surgery: blood & guts- Hold onto your stomach as history's most horrific blood soaked surgery is performed in graphic, gangrenous detail.
6. Torture- Grit your teeth for grisly goings on in the torture chamber.
7. Judge- Prepare to be judged for being heinous crimes. From robbery to witchcraft, your wickedness shall be punished.
8. Bedlam- Feel your heart pound as you enter the madhouse, will you survive the tunnels of terrifying torment?
9. Traitor: Boat ride to hell- Board the sewer barges to traitors gate and discover your fate...
10. Sweeney Todd- You're in need of a haircut... But beware, demon barber Sweeney Todd is notorious for taking too much off the top.
11. Vengeance 5D laser ride- Our exciting ride as you spin around in the darkness, can duck, dive, dodge and shoot your way out?
12. Jack The Ripper- death stalks the foggy streets of Victorian Whitechapel with vicious skill, five victims have fallen foul of the Ripper's blade - who's next?
13. Bloody Mary: Killer Queen- Feel the wrath of Bloody Mary as she searches of heretics. Will you be burned at the stake?
14. Extremis: Drop ride to DOOM- Taste the fear and feel the adrenaline pump as you drop screaming into the darkness below on Extremis: Drop ride to Doom.
After the dungeons we returned home for a nap go up and dressed into good clothes. We caught quite a few trains to The Wizard Of OZ, we got in to the seat section where we sat in the upper circle front row seats.

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