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Today my family and I went to the London museum. We went to the museum to see the age of dinosaurs exhibition we also went and had a look around it. After a while we had morning tea I had a chocolate Danish and a bottle of coke. In one of the rooms at the museum I compared my weight to a blue whale the difference is I weigh 53 kg and the blue whale weighed 100,000kg, my weight would probably reach it's weight at about 1,819.

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JET LAG!!! wasn't good!

We hoped off the plane at London and our auntie Lou was there to pick us up. We caught a train to Monuement got off and caught another one. My eyes were the bad they were watery and stinging really bad. My family and I walked from Limehouse to Lou's apartment room, for tea I had an an English bacon and egg sandwhich. I had a shower and went to bed at 4- 5PM.

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We caught the plane at 10: 50pm monday night, I had tea and sat next to dad. On the plane I watched movies and TV shows like- The simpsons, Family Guy, Bondi Rescue, Mythbusters, Gullivers Travels, Tangled, Gold Coast Ripcurl 2011, Narnia: Voyage of the dorn Treader, Gnomeo and Juliet and Come fly with me. I only got about 2 and a half hours sleep.

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sunny 10 °C

I cannot wait, 1 more SLEEP until my family and I board a Qantas plane to England. But before we go, I go to school for half a day then mum and dad come pick me up. I'm already I've packed my suitcase with shoes and singlets, hopefully its hot over there so we can go to a beach or pool.
I've got about 215pounds to spend over there, Its the same as my brother and sister.
We board the Qantas plane at 10:50pm at the Melbourne airport.

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