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Shrek (musical)

This afternoon we reached the theatre to see shrek the musical, I think it was different because there were alot of different scenes and the songs that I hardly recognized. The of it seemed really good I enjoyed it very much.

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Buckingham Palace

Today we went to visit the queen at buckingham palace but apparently she was on a holiday in Scotland. When we got there we had to find the gate to go in with the tickets. We had to go through the security things to get earphones to take yourself on your own tour. If the queen sold all the stuff in her house she would be the richest person on the world.

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Hammelys and crazy for you (musical)

Today was a fun and happy day where we went to hammelys. I bought a remote-control flying saucer and some Lego, Josh bought yu-gi-oh cards, Lego and a remotecontrol car thing and Rebecca bought texters. Hammelys is one of the most popular toy shops in the world, people in the shop were doing demonstrations with the top 3 toys in the shop. In hammelys there would have to be over 2500 toys and about 50 or more working and helping out with stuff.

That night we to Regent Park theater because there was a musical called Crazy For You, the theater was out side on the stage. The musical was made in the 1930's.

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Today we had a day in Paris, then had a 1 hour plane trip to London city airport. We hopped off the plane to do something with our passports, then walked out and picked up our suitcases. We soon walked on to the DLR train and got off at limehouse, we saw Lou out on the balcony waving and yelling something out to us as we got closer and closer to the building. We had chicken Kiev for tea (good cooking).

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29 °C

Today we took the motorbike back to Bordeaux. We caught two buses to the Gare St. Jean trainstation, then caught a train to Paris which took 3 hours. We got off the train and walked to our hotel.=====Your heading here...===[b]==[/b]

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