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34 °C

Today we went to visit the BUDDHA made out of had rock solid concrete. Buddha was high up on the hill, with tourists and other people surround the statue taking pictures. Then after a while we caught a bus to have some lunch I had a big feed with starting off with chicken kebabs soon after eating some steamed rice and then finishing off the salad on my plate. After paying for our meals we headed off for a paddle in the water, the waters temperature was about 25- 32 degrees (fairly warm for Hong Kong). Paul, Andrew and I headed back to the apartment to put Andrew on the bus to the airport while mum, dad, Rebecca and Josh spent a few hours in the water at the beach. Paul and I watched the football, Essendon smash the Western Bulldogs.

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33 °C

Today we had the laziest day of our whole holiday, just sat inside and relaxed. In the arfo (afternoon) we went for a swim at the pool called the Chic Chic, there were also two other pools called the Blue Blue and the Green Green. We soon headed down along the beach for some dinner I had potato wedges, crispy chicken wing drumsticks and a margarita pizza.

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Hong Kong (garden)

Today we went to a garden that had lots of plants and garden features. It also had lots of different kinds of fish some smaller than others, except the giant fish that were like 2-3 ft long (massive). After walking down a lot of paths, looking at trees and flowers we headed to the restaurant where we all got the 4 set meal. The easy thing was eating the food, but the hardest thing was trying to use and control the chop-sticks. We headed home catching buses and ferries but the worst thing was we got drenched even using the umbrellas. For tea we gathered meat, salad, drinks and cutlery because we hire a BBQ down beside the pool, we soon had a swim in the pool, relaxed in the spa and hot tub but last but not least the sauna and steam room.

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Ocean park

sunny 34 °C

Today we went to an amusement park called ocean park we went on a rollercoaster, pengelluim, the eagle, a theater Show with dolphins and sea lions. I thought that the rollercoaster was the 2nd best but the dolphin and sea lion show was the best. Soon we wandered off to have tea I had beef lasagna (very nice), while watching the cricket on TV England vs India.

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HMAS BELFAST (NAVY) plane to Hong Kong

31 °C

Today dad took Josh and I to the British Navy ship HMAS BELFAST, I wanted to go there because I watch sea patrol and wanted to see what it's like on the ship.

That night Lou took us to the Heathrow Express, it took 15mins to the airport. then we walked to terminal 3 to check in, walking onwards to the sercurity. We soon go on the plane to Hong Kong, the staff on the plane came around with tea. After tea I watched a couple of movies, including The Simpsons Movie, Pirate Patrol, Family Guy and Bondi Rescue. When we got to Hong Kong, Paul was outside waiting for us to take us to his apartment. When we arrived at Paul's apartment he took us out for dinner I had spaghetti Bolognaise.

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